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How I Got My Groove Back

How I Got My Groove Back: Mantras For The Single Girl Arsenal

By February 24, 2017 General, How I Got My Groove Back
Mantra on the beach

What is a Mantra, you ask? For those of you who don’t already know, a mantra is a statement that is repeated frequently. When said and felt as if it is true, over a period of time, we begin to grow into that person. It becomes a part of who we are. I like to do mine first thing in the morning on the beach or in the evening as I am falling a sleep.

Victoria advice on mantra

Every girl should have at least one mantra to help her feel confident and beautiful. Here are a few that I have picked up in my lifetime and cultivated as my own either through books, movies, or self reflection.

• I am a woman unlike any other – The Rules by Ellen Fein 

• Not every man is worthy of my love. Those who are must prove themselves. – Unknown Movie

• God renews my life. – Then I take a moment and sit there and receive God’s renewal. Whether I receive divine inspiration or not, the goal is just to be in receiving mode. This one has been life changing for me.

• Every day and in every way I am a strong, confident and successful woman. I am enough. – Me. I developed this mantra through deep introspection. I found that I was not feeling strong, confident or successful at the time. To say that I am has helped me to become that which I am meant to be.

My advice to you: Say one or all of these daily. Or perhaps you have some mantras that are suited just for you that you would like to practice. It is not enough to just speak them, but you must also feel them in your heart. I like to say mine when I first wake in the morning and as I am falling a sleep at night.

I have some additional literature that I would like to share with you if you are feeling unattractive and down on yourself after a break up. A great read to help get you back on track to being the Goddess that you are is Mama Gina’s School of Womanly Arts by Regena Thomashauer. Several years back I had the pleasure of attending one of her events in New York City and the energy of all the women who attended was amazing and very inspiring.

So many people have been through something similar in a break up. If I can share what I have learned through my experience, then perhaps I can help to show women their worth and bring them a lot of happiness.

If you have a mantra that you would like to share with my readers, I would love to hear it. Please leave your comments in the section below.




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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – So Take It Easy

By February 20, 2017 General, How I Got My Groove Back

Recently my guy of 8 years and I had broken up. If you are reading this, perhaps you or someone you know is experiencing the same. Whether or not the break up was mutual or one sided, if you are at all like me, it can be devastating to learn that your partner has already moved on with someone else. Instead of feeling deflated, the best thing to do is pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Maybe even partake in a LITTLE retail therapy. Notice how I stressed “little”. One word of caution to all of my heart broken sisters; the use of pinot noir while shopping online can result in maxing out your credit card. I highly advise against this under the current circumstances.

How to deal with a break up

If you are committed to moving on and reclaiming your wonderful goddess selves with me, then its time to put down the pepperoni pizza and lets do this! The sting of my break up has left me feeling less than pretty. So my first order of business is to take care of me. After spending a few of months allowing myself to be sad and working through my 5 stages of grief, I am ready to move on to my next phase.

Time to hone in on renewing my body and mind while nurturing my soul. If you only do one thing a day to make yourself feel better, then you are well on your way to a healthier and blissful you. My thing today was Yoga. I took care to really tune in to my breath and poses. On each exhale I focused on releasing a little more pain. On each inhale I breathed in the light of my soul. This simple practice, along with the stretching and poses, helped to change my disposition and set a positive tone for my day. Even 10 minutes of tuning in to one’s self can help to release some of the pain and discomfort we feel from our loss. By the weekend we just might be ready to have a nice evening out with the girls where we don’t feel the need to mention “what’s his name” in a fit sobs and tears.

Tending to one’s self is most important when experiencing a loss such as a break up. I found some wonderful online yoga practice that only takes about 20 minutes. You might enjoy them too.

Yoga For A Broken Heart – Unconditional Love by Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 by Courtney Bell Yoga

I have tried both practices and like them very much.

This inspiring and funny T-shirt  just might help brighten your day “Signs You Might Be A Mermaid”. >> Click here if you would like to order one

signs you might be a mermaid shirt

In sharing this post I hope to help others deal with the loss of a break up. Perhaps you would like to share your stories. What are some of the things you have done to help you cope with a break up? Will you share them with my readers in the comments section below.

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